Bella + Canvas

$ 26.66

Life takes many forms.

Each of us in our journeys are subjects of tumultuous times.

We will often face perilous predicaments; ones in which we may find ourselves painting precarious portraits of a prim & pious persona: pride.

Pride is both our greatest gift, and our most treacherous of enemies. As we seek to align ourselves with our ideals, we must periodically pause; providing ourselves time to gain perspective.

One must make the acknowledgement that our identities are but artifacts of an ancient understanding of self. The realization that we are one is paramount to our progress toward preservation of our very existence.

Are any of us the vanguard of highly-specialized virtue we so vehemently portray ourselves to be?

Does the disjointed way in which we engage in discourse portend of our impending demise?

Take action.

Take action.




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