About U͒ͭ̏͌͑̀̄҉Ŝ̅̌͘

Witness the masterful execution of an artist entirely before their own time.

Experience the awe and wonder that results from a series of fictitious entities encountering an unhindered soul.


Heretofore there existed a profound lack of direction in the way of individuality and expression of self within the context of fashion. We must cultivate within ourselves a sense of understanding and unity as it relates to the collective. The individual is only as free as the culture from which they were first wrought. Realign your origins and break free from the confines of conformity. Begin this journey without trepidation, as you are the center of control.


There has never been a time more precious than now. Harness the power of your inner being; lift your spirit to the wind, and proclaim:


I have a voice.