Samhain Social Promotional

21 October 2014

Samhain Social Promotional

The Symphony Subconscious Samhain Social Promotional has ended. See below for winners.

Dear Travelers, 

We are pleased to announce the advent of the Symphony Subconscious Samhain Social Promotional. In celebration of Samhain, we are giving away two (2) limited edition prints of our most popular design: "NaN is a Number"These prints will go to two randomly selected individuals on Twitter.

To be considered for random selection, you must do the following:

Once completing these two steps, you stand a statistically significant chance of being randomly selected to receive a print of "NaN is a Number" in the size, style and color of your choice. Winners of this random selection process will also be given the option of selecting an exclusive color (subject to availability†) that will only be made available to them.

Winners will be selected on October 31st 2014, and their chosen print will be subsequently delivered to them absolutely free of charge*.

Announcements will be made on Twitter; following us is highly recommended.


We applaud your enthusiasm,

 — SS — 


* Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

† Color availability varies by style.


Samhain Social Promotional Winners:




Congratulations to these two individuals who now have just 168 hours to claim their rewards.