Free Shipping Friday

Today marks a very momentous occasion.

Today is first of many Free Shipping Fridays


We all know what it means when you're shipping on a Friday. It is with this in mind that we honor you with such a prestigious privilege. One that we hope may alleviate even a fraction of the bitterness involved in such an endeavor. Do not distress, for free shipping is yours for the day.

Take advantage of this most generous offer, available weekly each Friday to the first 10 Travelers to use the coupon code:



Do not delay, as the discount will expire after it has been used 10 times today. 

Today is a day to celebrate.

Today is a day to ship it.


Samhain Social Promotional

The Symphony Subconscious Samhain Social Promotional has ended. See below for winners.

Dear Travelers, 

We are pleased to announce the advent of the Symphony Subconscious Samhain Social Promotional. In celebration of Samhain, we are giving away two (2) limited edition prints of our most popular design: "NaN is a Number"These prints will go to two randomly selected individuals on Twitter.

To be considered for random selection, you must do the following:

Once completing these two steps, you stand a statistically significant chance of being randomly selected to receive a print of "NaN is a Number" in the size, style and color of your choice. Winners of this random selection process will also be given the option of selecting an exclusive color (subject to availability†) that will only be made available to them.

Winners will be selected on October 31st 2014, and their chosen print will be subsequently delivered to them absolutely free of charge*.

Announcements will be made on Twitter; following us is highly recommended.


We applaud your enthusiasm,

 — SS — 


* Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

† Color availability varies by style.


Samhain Social Promotional Winners:




Congratulations to these two individuals who now have just 168 hours to claim their rewards.


Fiercely Independent; Unfathomably Inspired

In light of recent rumors, we wish to take the opportunity to note publicly that we will not be partaking in any of this "selling out" some of our dear, misguided Travelers have been speculating upon. Contrary to what has apparently become the popular opinion, Symphony Subconscious is not considering any offers that may or may not have been made by a certain outfitter of urban apparel

To do so would be an affront to the very core of our purpose; providing you — The Traveler — with the utmost in design tailored specifically to your unique taste, and unparalleled privilege.


The Arrival of "NaN is a Number"

This weekend saw us unveil our newest piece designed for developers.

It has been met with such a warm welcome, exceeding previous first-day sales records by an order of magnitude. For that we are eternally grateful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the thought leaders that have inspired us along the way. Without you we would not have achieved such greatness.

Of course we also have all of you to thank; at the time of this writing, literally hundreds of you have purchased your own "NaN is a Number" shirt. This after a mere matter of hours from release. If we were capable of such a thing as humility, we would most certainly be experiencing it this very moment. You are all awesome.

This is just the beginning of a series of thoughtful, meticulous articles designed specifically for the tasteful techie. No longer must your wardrobe consist entirely of promotional conference schwag. We will continue to strive for perfection as we deliver masterpiece after masterpiece.

If you find yourself with feedback for us; feel free. Although we already know you better than you realize, we are always open to input.

— SS —

Uncharacteristically Urgent Update

As of October 17 2014, the first edition of "NaN is a Number" has been completely sold out. We appreciate your continued interest in this design, and have already begun second edition printing. Orders placed now can expect to be fulfilled within 5-7 business days.